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This post is to serve as an OOC contact option for other players, as well as a permissions post for Lion-O's IC actions toward other characters, their environment, or intentions.

In the Counted Stars game universe, some of Lion-O's abilities (related to "Sight Beyond Sight") have been translated to Force-related abilities. Specifically, he is a Force-sensitive, naturally adept with sense-based abilities, such as precognition or farseeing.

This means, that at times (theoretically more often as he gains experience and practice) Lion-O would have the ability to do things like:

Sense a nearby character's next action in or out of battle
Respond with his best mental and physical speed to sensed actions, as, or before, they happen
Sense some events an indeterminate amount of time in the future (Like, see the image of someone who will show up in the next few days)
Sense the location of something nearby, but hidden
Sense an event or person or thing in a distant place

As a general guide, if the person, action, event or action is related to Lion-O himself, he will be more likely to see it, as opposed to those things which have no impact or relation to his life. So, even with blanket permission, Lion-O wouldn't likely see everything another character will do. There's also some level of concentration needed, so that it's possible for threats to himself to go unseen.

Feel free to comment here with any OOC questions or suggestions, or to give specific permissions for use of Lion-O's abilities, regarding your characters.

(Comments on this post are NOT screened, so that permissions can be viewed.)
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Counted Stars Event: It's Not My Fault!

The Force - perhaps affected by Revan's summoning of Outworlders - caused Lion-O to receive a vision from Hawke's life. In turn, Hawke had a vision from Lion-O's life. They received these as they slept, as if experiencing them from their own POV. These visions felt real, unlike dreams.

Information about the memories received, including SPOILERS for Thundercats (2011), and Dragon age 2. WARNING: character death. )
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Player Information:

Name or Handle: Karan
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Character Information:

Character Name: Lion-O
Age: just past his 'rite of passage', so, adult, but young, I guess.
Canon: Thundercats (2011)

Lion-O is a Thunderian Cat of the lion type, from a society of sentient animals. He is humanoid in shape and size, with feline features. His body is covered in short fur of a tawny color, with lighter coloring on his face, hands and feet (and possibly chest). He has a mane of thicker fur on his head, which is red in color. His eyes are teal blue. His other visible feline features are claws, sharp canine teeth, pointed ears, and oblong pupils.


Lion-O's most immediately noticeable personality trait is his brashness. Possibly a result of his princely upbringing, he shows a combination of arrogance, inexperience and impetuousness, like one accustomed to getting his way, without consideration to consequences.  It is something his companions know well. Cheetara, for example, remarked on finding herself following Lion-O into "trouble". He consistently rushes into battle, often becoming outnumbered, as when he faced thugs in the slums, or attacked Lizards guarding an enemy-controlled mine; or underestimating his foes, as when he lost his sword in a duel against a stranger.

Not all of Lion-O's emotional decisions are so purely foolish. He does fall into the occasional trap, as when he reached for baited food and landed in a net, as well as throw himself into battle, but his rash decisions do sometimes result in benefit. Lion-O can act as quickly on his compassion as his pride or need. Lion-O's consideration toward other species very frequently finds him allies. He is always willing to give aid to others. Lion-O has demonstrated his compassion as often as brashness. He's defended Dogs, freed a Lizard prisoner, aided Fishmen who would otherwise have eaten him, made lifelong friends among the Petalars, and received the aid of a master swordsmith by helping a drifter down from a fence.

Lion-O occasionally suffers with doubt. As much as he persists in showing overconfidence in his fighting ability, he will show doubt in his leadership ability to close confidants, such as Cheetara or Jaga. In these times, Lion-O demonstrates self-awareness of his own inexperience, and doubts his ability, in comparison to his Tygra, as well as their father. He similarly struggles with his ability to wield the Sword of Omens, even though he was able to interact with it from the day of his rite of passage, and it has never failed to protect him or show a helpful vision, when he was truly in need.  

Lion-O also shows doubt in his interactions with the opposite sex. He has been seen to marvel at Tygra's ease with flirting, pretended to take notice of passing females to cover other doubts, is sometimes flustered by Cheetara's attention, and was pleasantly surprised with Panthera's affection. A dreamer, who spent time not in training tinkering with scraps of technology, Lion-O lacks confidence in these social interactions.

His general insecurity sometimes leads Lion-O to compensate with reminders of his rank, when his decisions are questioned. Knowing companions such as Panthro, Tygra and Cheetara are all older, and more experienced or skilled, Lion-O has been known to lash out at them, insisting "that's an order" or "I'm the King." Just as often, Lion-O will later make an apology or change his mind, when he realizes the wisdom of their advice. He can act arrogant, but Lion-O is by no means egotistical, as he frequently demonstrates an ability to place others' needs above his own.


Thundercats Wiki entry [wiki entry is not fully updated, so I will write the background section.]

Lion-O was raised within the city walls of Thundera on the planet Third Earth, as the heir to the throne. The son of King Claudus, Lion-O knew a privileged childhood, along with his adopted brother, Tygra. The brothers both received with training in combat from the kingdom's Generals, Panthro and Grune. Lion-O had advice in leadership from the court Cleric, Jaga. Lion-O grew-up hearing legends of a past when the species had use of "technology", including flying ships. When most around him doubted these stories, Lion-O believed in them, and would sneak away to black market shops in the slums to purchase items claimed to be remnants of this technology.

On the day of his rite of passage, Lion-O was late to the ceremony, due to one of his trips to the black market, followed as always by his pet, Snarf. Lion-O, showed his compassionate nature and belief in equality of species, when he defended a Dog being harassed by Alleycats. When the Cats retaliated, Lion-O proved a capable fighter, but was outnumbered. Another Cat, appeared to assist him, and introduced herself as Cheetara. She accompanied Lion-O to a shop, run by a Dog named Jorma, where Lion-O confessed his love of technology.

Realizing the time, Lion-O rushed to the palace to attend his rite of passage. The ceremony was attended by Lion-O's father, King Claudus, and his adopted brother, Tygra, and preceded over by the head Cleric, Jaga, and the Guardians of the Crown in his command. Unknown to Lion-O at the time, Cheetara was among the Guardians. In the ceremony The Sword of Omens was presented to Lion-O. It was said that only the Eye of Thundera - a jewel set in the sword and source of the kingdom's power - could tell if there were a King within Lion-O.  Jaga instructed Lion-O to "become one" with the sword, while Claudus reminded them that only one "worthy" could summon its power. Lion-O was to know the importance of the Sword of Omens, that it had enabled the Thundercats - the ruling Cats on Third Earth - to defeat their ancient enemy Mumm-Ra, and bring peace to the warring species.

When Lion-O took the Sword, it reacted visibly, and then provided him a vision of the face of Mumm-Ra. But, uncertain of the vision, Lion-O lied, and claimed he had been distracted instead by a pair of female cats beyond a nearby window. Claudus was disappointed and said his son was not ready. But the Cleric Jaga seemed to notice the lie.

The same day, the General Grune, who had been sent on a quest to seek the Book of Omens, when Lion-O was younger, returned to the city, with a number of Lizard slaves and a large trophy. Grune claimed that his quest was not a success, and that his fellow General, Panthro, was lost. A feast was prepared, with games to honor of Panthro's memory.

The festivities reinforced the competitive relationship between Lion-O and Tygra, and the jealousy of the lion bloodline some had. Grune favored Tygra's practical thinking to Lion-O's dreaming of technology. In the games, Tygra bested Lion-O. But only Lion-O who was heir to the ruling line. The other species, as explained by Lizard prisoners, had a similar jealousy toward Cats in general, as the Thundercats held the best lands and resources, and other animals were often treated as second-class-citizens, or used as slaves.  Lion-O stopped a group of Cats from tormenting the Lizard prisoners. Tygra stepped-in to defend him, and then Cheetara did the same. When Claudus discovered the conflict, he questioned Lion-O's judgment, but ultimately honored the Prince's recommendation to free the prisoners, encouraging Lion-O to show even more responsibility. 

During the festivities, Lion-O sought some time alone and expressed his self-doubt to Snarf. Jaga came to him and advised Lion-O not to let what others were saying affect his beliefs. Jaga spoke of a prophesied King having "Sight-Beyond-Sight", meaning not just visions, but the ability to "lead with clarity", to see and then act. Yet, overnight rumors spread that Prince Lion-O did not take his duty seriously, showing kindness to those that other Cats considered enemies. Many preferred Tygra, though Tygra himself brought warning to Lion-O and seemed to respect his position as the heir.

The next day an army of Lizards marched on the city, The Thundercat army was marshaled during the day, to march on the Lizards beyond the walls, but as evening fell again, a second group of Lizards led by General Slithe, broke-out from the trophy Grune's slaves had wheeled into the city, and planted technological bombs. The Lizards outside the city walls revealed they also had technology, in form of missiles, ray guns, and large mechs called warbots.

Lion-O, left in the palace as others marched to battle, was horrified that the technology he dreamt of was now used against his people, but soon determined to fight back, with the technology he had collected. Lion-O reached the games arena, where the Thundercats had retreated, and saw that Grune had betrayed them and revealed Panthro as a prisoner. Lion-O destroyed the warbots with his bombs, and saw his father use the turn of battle to go to free Panthro. But, the Cat they had thought Panthro stabbed King Claudus to death. Tygra and Lion-O both rushed to their father, but they could not save his life. His dying words were to say he was proud of Lion-O.

Panthro was revealed to be their ancient enemy Mumm-Ra in disguise, and Grune in league with him. The kingdom fallen, Lion-O and Tygra were made prisoners, however one of the Lizards Lion-O had released the day before, repaid his debt, by helping them escape. The brothers went to confront Mumm-Ra in the throne room. They found Jaga and Cheetara prisoners there, and the last two living Clerics. Lion-O was able to recapture the Sword of Omens, and, as the next morning came, temporarily cause Mumm-Ra to retreat. But the Lizard army, and Grune still pressed the fight. Jaga showed the Thundercats, followed by Snarf, to a secret escape tunnel. There he quickly anointed Lion-O as Lord of the Thundercats, and the new King. Jaga then charged Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara to seek the Book of Omens, which would provide them answers.

The Lizards withdrew from the ruined city, enabling Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara, with Snarf, to come out of hiding long enough to scavenge some supplies, and retrieve Claudus's remains for cremation. At the service, Lion-O revealed that rather than search for the book as Jaga had instructed, they must go to Mumm-Ra's lair to seek their vengeance. Cheetara and Tygra both advised otherwise, but Lion-O became angry and made it clear he was giving a command.

Outside the ruined city walls, they encountered two young Cats, Wilykat and Wilykit. They asked to travel with Lion-O, but he refused, not wanting to "babysit". The two cubs followed behind anyway. The group of five Thundercats and Snarf traveled through a barren region. When they were weary and low on supplies, it was Snarf who found the path to the Sand Sea, the next landmark along their journey.

At the edge of the sea made of sand, they spotted a cache of food, and rushed to grab it. This resulted in the group being caught in the baited net of Captain Koinelius Tunar, and captive aboard his sail vessel. The Cats were to be food for the crew of Fishmen, but when the ship was attacked by the tentacles of a beast called the Ramlak, Tunar was impressed with the Cats' ability to fight, and released them under the condition they fight for him, terms Lion-O quickly accepted. 

While aboard the ship, Lion-O found he related to Tunar's need for vengeance against the Ramlak, as he was keen to avenge his father's death on Mumm-Ra. Lion-O was incapable of seeing Tunar's need for vengeance has become an obsession, or the captain's disregard for the opinions and welfare of his crew. Though Tygra and Cheetara argued with him, it was only when their hunt for vengeance led to the ship breaking in two, and the crew falling into the sea, that Lion-O saw he did not want to become like Tunar.

While Tunar went down fighting the Ramlak, Lion-O went to the aid of the crew, including the other Thundercats. He got them onto a piece of the ship still afloat and began his apology. The Ramlak attacked once more, and using the Sword of Omens, Lion-O destroyed it, resulting in the creation of an oasis within the Sand Sea. The Thundercats, with thanks from the surviving Fishmen, boarded a skiff to continue their journey. At this point, Lion-O agreed Wilykat and Wilykit could officially join their group, as they had proven capable of taking care of themselves. 

Understanding the error in letting his anger toward Mumm-Ra distract him from his quest, Lion-O ordered his crew to head for the location of the Book of Omens.

As their journey took them through a wooded region, the Lizard army under General Slithe, found the Cats' trail and pursued. Snark was the first to notice the approaching Lizard and warned Lion-O, just as he had been confessing doubt and grief about his father's death to Cheetara. After quickly sighting the Lizards' position from a tall tree, Lion-O commanded a retreat, voicing doubt in their ability to win in an offensive. Tygra objected, but Lion-O led the Thundercats into a bramble brier, where the warbots would not be able to follow.

Within the Brier, the Thundercats met a species of small flower-people called the Petalar. Lion-O was befriended by a young Petalar named Emrick. His people were traveling through the Brier seeking a location known as the Cliff of Winds, where they hoped to be taken back to their former home in The Garden. Lion-O offered to help, and the Thundercats took turns reading a map on a dry leaf. As they traveled, Lion-O spoke often to Emrick, and taught him to use a sword. When Emrick was carried away by a flying beast, and returned minutes later grown, Cheetara explained to Lion-O that all the Petalars had shorter lifespans. Their generations could seem but days to the Cats.

Lion-O watched Emrick through his teen years and young adulthood. By the time Emrick was a man, they came upon the entrance to the Cliff of Winds. But, the Lizards Khamai, Kask and Sauro had found their way into the Briar and attacked the Thundercats. Emrick reminded his people of their life-long friendship with the Thundercats, and rather than continue to the Cliff, they charged the Lizards using pollen weapons.

The Thundercats and Petalars won the battle, and escaped through the opening in the brambles to the Cliff of Winds, but it was not as they expected. The only difference between that clearing and others in the Brier was that a group of curled plants grew within. Lion-O expressed his doubt and confusion, that the map seemed a lie, but Emrick said his forefathers might have wanted to give them a sense of hope. Lion-O still had doubts. Emrick noticed the Brier was on fire; the Lizards had started a fire to flush them out. But the fire also caused the curled plants to unfurl, and grow tall, and created an updraft within the Brier. Emrick realized this is the "wind" they needed.

The Petalars were able to climb the unfurled plants and use the updraft to float away, but elderly Emrick, who had now lived his lifetime, died in Lion-O's hands. His dying words that "what matters in how fully we live it" helped Lion-O to grasp hope again. He changed his mind about retreating and hiding, and instead led the Thundercats to attack the Lizards, though they greatly outnumbered the Cats. In the battle, Lion-O activated the power of the Sword of Omens, which sent up a signal showing the sigil of the Thundercats. In response a tank arrived and drove off the Lizards.

Afterward, the driver of this Thundertank revealed himself as a Cat and introduced himself as Panthro. He was the missing General, whom Grune had betrayed.  Panthro did not immediately accept Lion-O as a leader. At Lion-O's attempts to offer aid in maintaining the Thundertank, or in going to collect Thundrillium to power the machine, Panthro only begrudgingly agreed, when Lion-O reminded Panthro of his rank. Panthro persisted in speaking familiarly, and even called Lion-O "kid".

Lion-O left Snarf, Wilykit and Wilykat with the powered-down Thundertank, while he Tygra and Cheetara traveled to Cloudpeak Mine, with Panthro, for the needed Thundrillium. Scouting the mine from a safe distance, Panthro advised waiting for night to attack. Lion-O, determined to show he was in charge, attacked on his own and was soon outnumbered. Panthro then arrived and fought off the Lizard guards, then told off Lion-O for his actions. Cheetara attempted to bring peace between the two, saying that Lion-O was truly their King, but Panthro scoffed at this, and Lion-O's questioning his reputation for loyalty. He said he would believe Lion-O was king when he could do more than just carry the Sword of Omens around.

Inside the Cloudpeak Mine, they saw that Grune was in command. Following Panthro's plan, Lion-O, with Tygra and Cheetara, picked off some Lizards in a side tunnel, while Panthro quietly maneuvered around to Grune's rear. Lion-O was able to use his sword to half a Lizard's weapon along its length, but Panthro was not present to see it. The Thundercats confronted Grune from two sides, but he called on his ally Driller, a sentient machine.

Driller pursued the four Thundercats into a tunnel. There, Lion-O called on the power of the Sword of Omens, and attacked. Driller attempted to cut into the Eye of Thundera, within the Sword, but the Sword's power held him back. Lion-O was able to cut the drill from the machine's head.

The Thundercats escaped the mine with a quantity of Thundrillium. Outside, Panthro, having witnessed Lion-O's ability with the Sword of omens, swore loyalty to him and addressed him as "My King".

Traveling within the Thundertank, Lion-O and the others moved into a jungle-like region. There, Jaga's directions ended, so Lion-O made attempts to invoke Sight-Beyond-Sight from the Sword of Omens, to learn where to find the book. Lion-O was having difficulty. Cheetara approached, saying, "Sometimes, when you look too hard, you miss what's right in front of you." She moved close, and whispered advice in Lion-O ear, suggesting he relax, but he became nervous having her so close. the cubs, Wilykit and Wilykat teased Lion-O; Wilykit making kissing noises. This made Lion-O even more flustered, and he insisted they had just been trying to get his sword to work.

Cheetara was amused, and at Wilykat's request, told them why it was important they find the Book of Omens. She related a legend, that other animals wanted to take the Book from the Cats, so a King had his Clerics take the Book far from the Kingdom and hide it. These Clerics built a temple called the Tower of Omens, with their magic, and housed the Book there, then sealed themselves in. (How Cheetara and Jaga, modern Clerics, knew these details is not explained, but Jaga had previously used "it is said in the Book of Omens" in speaking to Lion-O, indicating he had some knowledge of it.)

Snarf happened upon the needed clue, when pulling fruit from a vine. A lion-faced carving was exposed. Lion-O then looked at the vines and found a passage behind, "right in front of [them]". The passage led to a series of boobytrapped doors and passages. At the first, they were saved by Panthro's strength and Wilykat's ability to pick locks. At the next, Cheetara's speed enabled them to proceed. In the next Panthro's inability to swim, and his strength saved the others from a water trap. When they came out on a cliff, facing a waterfall, Lion-O doubted again and was angered they had passed through traps for nothing.

Cheetara encouraged Lion-O to believe in himself. When he again tried to summon Sight-Beyond-Sight, he saw the location of a switch needed to continue. With help from Tygra, the switch was activated and a walkway was revealed, as the Tower of Omens revealed itself from within the waterfall, right in front of them.

Inside the Temple of Omens, the Thundercats saw a stairway to a chamber above, but before they could locate the Book, Mumm-Ra himself arrived. Mumm-Ra revealed that he had the spirit of  Jaga trapped in a magic lantern, and had forced the Cleric to reveal the way to the Tower. Having no further use for him, Mumm-Ra threw down the lantern containing Jaga. Cheetara raced to catch it, and though she did, Mumm-Ra shot her with a magical blast, temporarily stunning her. Lion-O and Tygra rushed to climb to the Book, with Panthro attempting to hold off Mumm-Ra.

Mumm-Ra revealed his "true form", in which he appeared much larger and more powerful, with great wings that enabled him to fly. He easily knocked down Panthro and the cubs, in this "Ever-Living" form, then flew in pursuit of Lion-O. Tygra  tried to hold Mumm-Ra off, while Lion-O continued, but he too was defeated.

Lion-O reached the upper room, and saw the Book of Omens suspended above, but Mumm-Ra arrived immediately afterward. Lion-O used the Sword of Omens to rally the Thundercats. Cheetara revived and reached the upper room. She was able to kick Mumm-Ra, but he recovered quickly and blasted her; Jaga's lantern fell to the floor. Lion-O rushed to Cheetara, who was in risk of falling, and Mumm-Ra shot him in the back. Mumm-Ra taunted Lion-O, mentioning how he had killed his father, then attacked with his magic. From within the lantern, Jaga saw Lion-O was being tormented, and was not ready to face Mumm-Ra alone. In a bright light, he sacrificed himself, to drive off Mumm-Ra and save the Thundercats.

The Thundercats were able to regroup in the upper chamber, and to retrieve the Book, but when Lion-O opened it, he reported it was blank. A while later, Lion-O studied the book alone, with only Snarf nearby. He suspected that the Book might actually be technology, and would not reveal its answers unless powered on. Feeling for a switch, Lion-O activated the book and his consciousness was transported within its virtual space. There a projection of Jaga informed him the Book of Omens was a fusion of magic and technology.

Jaga told Lion-O that to understand the answers he sought, he must relive events from the past, held in the Book's "all-seeing record". Lion-O then was transported into the "body" of his ancestor Leo, aboard a large pyramid-like spaceship. There, the Book of Omens existed as a control interface for the spaceship. Through Leo's experiences, Lion-O learned that long ago the Thunderian Cats served Mumm-Ra and were overseers over the other animal species Mumm-Ra kept as slaves.

Mumm-Ra was after something he called the War Stone, which Lion-O recognized as the Eye of Thundera. and which he planned to set in his Sword of Plun-Darr. As part of this plan, Commander Leo was to prepare for invasion of a planet. Leo was assisted by a female Cat, Panthera. It was revealed to Lion-O that Leo and Panthera were part of a resistance movement, which planned to overthrow Mumm-Ra and free all the animals.

While the invasion of the planet was underway, with many Thundertanks and flying vessels,  Cats among the resistance forged the Sword of Omens for Leo, along with the Claw Shield gauntlet. Panthera noted these were made of the same enchanted metal as Mumm-Ra's sword and gauntlet. Leo then took took the captured Eye of Thundera (War Stone) from Captain Tygus, and set it in the Sword of Omens, instead of taking it to Mumm-Ra for his Sword of Plun-Darr. The Eye of Thundera showed itself to be able to change shape, quickly conforming to the prepared hollow in the sword.

Leo confronted Mumm-Ra, who revealed that the Eye of Thundera (War Stone) was not "the most powerful weapon in existence", but one of four most powerful weapons, and that they had already retrieved the other three, which Mumm-Ra had set in his gauntlet. The two dueled, and Leo used the Sword of Omens to knock one stone from Mumm-Ra's gauntlet.

Mumm-Ra revealed that even with two stones, he could transform himself into a more powerful form. Not only was he able to maintain his Ever-Living form, but a form with elaborate armor covering his body. Leo charged again, knocking Mumm-Ra from the platform, to a deeper part of the ship's interior. With Mumm-Ra away, Leo used the Book of Omens to open the cells of the animal slaves.

Mumm-Ra was able to return to the platform, as he had wings, but this time, Leo put the fallen stone into his own gauntlet, which enabled him to also transform into an armored form. Leo and Mumm-Ra dueled again, in their armored forms. Leo ultimately was able to knock the two remaining stones from Mumm-Ra's gauntlet, reducing Mumm-Ra to his weakest form. Leo picked-up the stones, and placed them in his Claw Shield, but soon after the spaceship was caught in a disturbance between the nearby planet and its moons, and would soon crash.

Mumm-Ra retreated into his sarcophagus, and Panthera then jammed its controls, making him a prisoner within. The ship, with Leo, Panthera and the other animals aboard, crashed on Third Earth. Lion-O left Leo's body, and briefly spoke to the projection of Jaga again. Jaga told him that the crash had temporarily disrupted the Book of Omen's recording, but that it was clear enough of the animals had survived, including Leo, to begin a new civilization. Mumm-Ra, Lion-O realized, wanted to relocate all the stones. He determined that his mission from then was to find the stones before Mumm-Ra, and to unite the animals, again.

Lion-O woke, outside the book, and found the other Thundercats watching him. He told them that he knew what they must do.

The Thundercats left the Tower of Omens, with the Book of Omens, on their new mission. While Panthro and Tygra worked to get the Thundertank to interface with the Book, Lion-O and his pet Snarf, went in search of supplies. Near a town of swordsmen, Lion-O helped a drifter down from a wall of swords. Though Lion-O did not know it at the time, the Drifter was Hattanzo, a master swordsmith. Hattanzo warned Lion-O against going into the town, saying they "duel for keeps". But, Lion-O, confident he could handle himself, went into the town.

He learned that Thunderian coins were no longer acceptable currency, since the Kingdom had fallen. To earn money, Lion-O entered a swordsman's competition, in which wins were measured by damage a sword could deal a particular stone. Using the Sword of Omens, Lion-O split the stone in two. This won him the prize money, but also earned the attention of the Duelist.

The Duelist, with an impressive collection of swords on his back, challenged Lion-O to a duel. Lion-O refused, at first, having gotten the supplies he came for. But, when the Duelist insulted  Lion-O's deceased father, Lion-O accepted the duel. While he waited for the appointed time, Lion-O went to practice. Again he met the Drifter Hattanzo, who remarked on Lion-O's ego and likelihood in losing the Duel. He challenged Lion-O to try to split the willow switch he was chewing upon. Lion-O could not. The section of willow simply bent, rather than be cut. "Willow's are weak," he said, "yet they bind other wood."

The Drifter then related a tale of the previous owner of the sword the Duelist was currently using. He told how the Greatest Swordmaker of All Time, Hattanzo, forged the Sword of Hattanzo, and it became so renown, it caught the attention of the Duelist. Hattanzo, confident in his sword, accepted a duel with the Duelist, but ultimately lost. He was so crushed to see his work of art in the hands of the Duelist that he gave up his craft.

Lion-O  realized that the Drifter and Hattanzo were one and the same, then asked how he could beat the Sword of Hattanzo, but Drifter Hattanzo said he could not do it. Lion-O went on to duel the Duelist. He used many offensive moves, but lost, losing also the Sword of Omens.

Lion-O met with Hattanzo again and asked him to make him a sword, so he could challenge the Duelist and win back the Sword of Omens. Hattanzo refused, so Lion-O set about forging a sword on his own. Hattanzo seemed moved by Lion-O's effort, or how wrong he was doing things, and took over the forging.

With the new Sword, lion-O challenged the Duelist for his entire collection. He agreed, but only if Lion-O staked his life. Snarf pawed at Lion-O, trying to tell him to stop, but Lion-O agreed. In their second duel, Lion-O used a combination of offensive and defensive moves, but the Duelist was able to slice his new sword in half, with the Sword of Hattanzo. But, as the Duelist moved to take Lion-O's life, Lion-O saw what Hattanzo's lesson about the willow had truly meant, and dodged the attack, then several others. "Power alone is rigid...but if you can bend, you'll never break," Lion-O was able to master Hattanzo's fluid style, and disarm the Duelist.

Angered, the Duelist attempted to back-stab Lion-O, but Hattanzo stopped him, using only his willow switch. Lion-O and Hattanzo thanked each other and parted ways, Hattanzo going to return the various sword to their previous owners, and Lion-O returning to the Thundercats. Panthro was cross he had been gone so long, and Tygra mocking, but Lion-O did not argue.

Canon point:

I am apping Lion-O post "The Duelist and the Drifter". This is where Season 1 had a hiatus, but I also think it is a good place, because Lion-O has finished collecting his team and main weapons/tools, and has recently decided on a new plan of action that will take him on a new leg of his crew's journey. Enough has been revealed about his personality and relationships through the first 8 episodes, to understand the character.

Special Abilities:

In Lion-O's home universe his special, inate and hereditary ability is being able to sucessfuly interact or "become one" with items that are a fusion of magic and technology, such as the Sword of Omens, Claw Shield and Book of Omens. He can use the Sword of Omens to acheive Sight-Beyond-Sight, which enables him to see things before they happen, or which are in another location; as well as to do "impossible" things in battle.

I suspect that these abilities, translated into the Star Wars universe, would make Lion-O a Force-sensitive, naturally adept with sense-based abilities, such as precognition or farseeing. I think, given his history with tinkering with technology, in addition to his Sight, Lion-O would have the ability, if not the training, to construct a lightsaber. That said, I am not sure he would necessarily be very strong in the Force, as he lacks the greater range of spiritual abilities of the Clerics in his universe.

[I'm open to suggestion on how to translate his abilities. I also realize abilities like precognition and farseeing would rely heavily on player/mod permission. He doesn't see everything all the time, usually just when he really needs to.]
Otherwise, Lion-O is  a highly competent warrior. He has, as a Cat, excellent agility, and can easily leap and climb to great heights. 

During his journey, Lion-O became even more adept with using technology, and improved his swordsmanship by learning a defensive, fluid style.

Unusually, compared to Earth lions (and certain Thundercats) Lion-O is a competent swimmer and does not get seasick.


Lion-O would start in the Civilian Sect.


Lion-O would probably best be introduced as new to the Star Wars universe. I do not have a job planned. Lion-O would be drawn to opportunities to work with technology, but ultimately willing to work wherever he feels his help is needed. Though he would not seek such an occupation himself, he does have excellent diplomatic skills. He's also a competent warrior with leadership training.


First Person:

[001 - arrival - audio-> video]

[The transmission begins as audio, conveying a few syllables that may or may not convey correctly as a weak expletive.]


[After a brief pause, the transmission switches to video, displaying a furry, vaguely feline humanoid in an ill-fitting bodysuit.]

It's definitely sending now! [He flashes a grin, exposing sharp canines, at having intuitied how to operate the datapad thus far.] This might sound like a kind of strange question, but when is it? Who do we serve? Is there more of this technology?

[He glances away from the datapad, as if at something in the room, before looking back.]

Tygra, if this is some prank, bring Snarf and the Sword back. Now. That is a command.

Third Person:

Lion-O had thought he would feel naked without the Sword of Omens. He assumed, at some point after realizing it was worlds away and he unable to travel back, that he would feel its loss. He had been crushed when he lost it to the Duelist, and begged Hattanzo to craft him another sword, just to win it back. He had thought he would miss it, but he didn't. Lion-O felt as one with the Sword as when it granted him Sight-Beyond-Sight.

Impossible, as the sword was not physically near him now. Yet there was something, like the touch of enchantment within the Sword or Book of Omens. He could feel it, clearer at some times than others; all around him. It came easiest when he remembered to let go anger, as he had learned in the Sand Sea, and to bend, as Hattanzo had taught. It felt, now, like it was not only near, or around him, but within him.

He still questioned whether he might be reliving recorded events on someone else's body, as when he'd seen events through Leo's eyes. But, he knew, ultimately, the answer was this was real. He'd lost his father, a kingdom, now his Sword, his crew, and an entire planet, yet he had gained something. Some entity? A force? And it granted him clarity of vision as much as the Sword of Omens had.

Anything Else:

No roommate preference.


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